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Special Student Events

Special Student Events


Can the campus have special outside meetings, like bowling night or movie night? Or do they already have that?

Dear Susan,

Great question! SPC does participate in events outside of campus such as the annual Martin Luther King parade, events and lectures at the Palladium or even on education field trips.

Regarding bowling or movie nights, I participated in those as part of special club events, where the student club or association plans the event and invites the members and/or the whole student body. These events are sometimes planned as fundraisers as well as social gatherings.

That being said, Student Life & Leadership does create fun outing events like paintball or laser tag. To take part in these events, be on the lookout for fliers around campus. You can also visit the SL&L office on your home campus to find out more or attend SGA meetings where upcoming events are mentioned as well. Campus sponsored events are free to students and the spots fill up quickly so sign up as soon as learn of about them.

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