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Registering for Summer Term

Registering for Summer Term


When can I register the earliest for summer classes of 2015-2016?

Dear Carol,

Great question! You can start registering Wednesday, March 25, for the 2015-2016 summer terms.

Just so you know, the summer term dates are:

May 18-July 23: Traditional 10-week term and online classes

May 18-July 10: First 8-week term

June 1-July 23: Second 8-week term

June 15-July 23: Express 6-week term

You can always refer back to the college’s website for more information.


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Joining a Club

Joining a Club

How do i join a club?

Hi Tichina,

Joining a club is a great way to stay connected on your local campus. It provides insight into campus activities, a way to network and a support system for your studies. And you’re able to make an impactful influence. There’s various ways you can join a club. Check out the previous post by Maria on how to join.

Best of Luck,



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Food of SPC

Food of SPC


Which SPC campus has the best on-campus food?

Hello Trent,

What a great question! It’s all about the food right?! Well, honestly, I’ve taken classes on each of the campuses with the exception of Tarpon Springs, which means that I’ve tried all of their food. I really enjoy the Nature’s Table Cafe they have located at the Downtown Campus and EpiCenter. Nature’s Table has some very delicious menu items that are healthy for you as well, not to mention fresh baked cookies to die for! I also really enjoy the St. Petersburg/Gibbs and Clearwater campuses’ cafes. They both have delicious choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also provide students with a lounge area to eat and converse with peers.

Believe it or not, food is a very important aspect in college. You must maintain good grades, but who can do that when they’re hungry?!

Hope this helps and stay well fed!



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