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Clubs: Get involved at SPC

Clubs: Get involved at SPC


I am a first-time college student and a first-time online student. I am a stay at home mom and am wondering which if any clubs or other school activities would be best for me to join?

Dear Kathleen,

As a first time college student, it is important that you look into becoming involved. Why is it important? Because it introduces you to and involves you in communities. You gain not only fellowship but also great friends who can share with you the college experience, the good and the bad of it all.

First, start looking at clubs that interest you based on your major. These student organizations can help you in your career discernment. As you become involved, even if you are an online student or a non-traditional student, opportunities will come your way to become even more involved. The most important and even the most difficult step is to start and become a member.

Whether it is Student Government, Phi Theta Kappa, the Art Club, or Ethics in Action, start by introducing yourself and attending their meetings. The rest, honestly, becomes so much easier. For reference, you can go through the list of clubs at SPC.

Hope this helps,



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