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A balancing act

A balancing act

Hi Maria. How did you manage to stay focused on school while maintaining your personal needs? I’m doing good in school so far but it’s becoming a little complicated because I don’t really have “Me Time” nor do I have time to spend with my family and friends. I’m dedicated to school before anything but it is becoming overwhelming. Your advice would gladly be appreciated.

Dear Timora,

School is a balancing act. You need all aspects of your life to remain normal to continue succeeding in school. Sacrificing “me time” and spending time with family for a grade is not worth it.

What I do with my family is during the weekends we go out and watch a movie or just spend time together at home. It is the same with friends. I love movies so a good way we spend time together is by going to the theater and having lunch.

“Me time” is so important. Take it as relaxing time that everyone needs, especially us, college students. My “me time” is kind of boring. I like to spend it sleeping. I love taking naps and I call it my “me time” so no one bothers me.

Also, do not let school overwhelm you. It is not how hard you study but how smart you study. If a subject is becoming difficult to handle then go to tutoring. Whenever I did not understand something in class, I would go to the Learning Support Center and ask for help. It made my life so much easier.

Lastly, schedule your time. If you have to create a schedule to help you organize your day and time effectively then go ahead and create one. I always keep a planner and have a weekly schedule to remember what I need to do and when I do not need to do anything.

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