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All thanks to SPC!

All thanks to SPC!


If you could have gone to any college on a full scholarship, would you still have gone to St. Petersburg? What other colleges did you apply to?

Dear Cokie,

I attended SPC not on a scholarship but as part of a high school program. I was a dual-enrolled student taking college classes while still in high school. What I can tell you is that it is thanks to SPC that it was possible for me to attain my scholarship. Part of what they looked for with the scholarship I received, the Gates Millennium Scholars program, was academic rigor as well as school and community involvement. While at SPC I was not only challenged academically and always aimed to do my best. I was also provided with the opportunities to volunteer and participate in extracurricular activities that fortified my resume when applying to scholarships or submitting transfer applications to other universities.

I applied to various universities, mostly to state universities in Florida but also to private out-of-state colleges. I mainly applied to the ones that had good programs in my field of study, such as The Catholic University of America where currently I am a student.


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