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Best Thing about College

Best Thing about College

What do you like most about college?

Dear Alecia,

Thanks for  your question! College has many aspects, some that are good such as getting a good grade or completing a semester, and some that are bad like studying for finals or pulling an all-nighter for a project. Nevertheless, I have to say my favorite part about college is being part of a learning community. I like the feeling of belonging to something that is bigger than myself. It’s true that at the end we are all here for our own careers and self-betterment, but it’s still nice to know that you are not alone in this process. I always like to talk to my classmates about projects, what happened in class that day, or even complain about how much work we have for the weekend, and still have that connection of being in that same college class. I think this is something you can only get and fully enjoy in college.

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