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Posted by on Dec 2, 2013 in Academics | 0 comments

Busy During the Summer? Take Online Classes!

Busy During the Summer? Take Online Classes!


I’ve chosen my classes for next semester, though I may be moving before fall of 2014-2015, should I take my time with my classes or should I take more than one during the summer time? I know I may be gone for vacation a couple of times so I was thinking possibly getting online classes?

Dear Jessica,

This is a great example of using online classes in your favor. There is nothing wrong in taking your time or taking more classes. However, if you can squeeze online classes and work from home, then it might take some load off you. I would suggest you make this decision knowing you are comfortable with online classes. Always know that if you need academic help, the Learning Centers and the Writing Studio are there for you. It sounds like your summer will be very busy so take advantage of all resources that will make this time go by easier.

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