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Challenges in college

Challenges in college

“Did you have any challenges while at SPC; if so what were they and how did you conquer those challenges? What resources of any did you use while at SPC?”

Dear Bobbie, thanks for your question!

When I first began in college, I struggled with two subjects – math and writing. I had no problem taking tests, giving speeches or making presentations. I struggled with the simplest of skills, solving algebraic equations and organizing my thoughts for an essay.

When I took my college placement exam, I scored low on the college algebra section and was placed in a remedial class. I decided that instead of taking the remedial class, I was going to retake the test the following semester. In the meantime, I would take my other required general education classes. After doing much studying and acquiring help from the Learning Center, I passed the exam by a small margin and was placed on the beginning level of college algebra. I was proud of myself. But, at the same time, I honestly did not know how to tackle algebra. I did not comprehend the concepts or what was the purpose of finding x. True to my nature, I was not going to let it intimidate me. I was determined to conquer the class and pass with a good grade. From the time I had spent preparing for the placement exam at the Learning Center, I knew that there were tutors who could help me. So my relationship with the Learning Center started. I began going after my class to touch up on some of the concepts and get help with homework. It was in the Learning Center that I was given the best advice to understand math. It was somewhere along the lines of, “Math is concrete, not abstract. Do not try to overanalyze it. Just follow the steps and don’t question them.” I began to love math! For the first time in my life, I felt confident to solve an equation whenever it was placed in front of me. Needless to say, I passed Intermediate Algebra and subsequently worked my way up to Calculus 1.

In my writing, I had survived my first couple of essays, but my grades were nowhere near where I wanted them to be. At the Learning Center, I was advised to visit the Writing Studio, located at the second floor of the library. The Writing Studio became my home. I could literally be there all day. Some of my best nights of college I spent at the Writing Studio, figuring out essays and analyzing short stories, poems and books. It was thanks to the Writing Studio (Thadine Franciszkiewicz in particular) that I conquered Comp I and II, in addition to all of my essays form other classes, and received top marks!

I recommend to every student at SPC: You must visit the Learning Centers and Writing Studios! If you are struggling with any subject, there are wonderful people who can help you. All you need to do is to pay them a visit!

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