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Posted by on May 20, 2014 in Academics | 1 comment

Choosing a Language

Choosing a Language


Is sign language or french a better language to take?

Dear Janessa,

It really depends. I would say French, but that’s just my preference. Also, I took two semesters of French at SPC and my professor was absolutely fantastic, which only made me love the language even more!

I say it depends because it’s honestly influenced by the degree you’re completing, the career path you would like to follow, or the job that you want to land after you graduate. If you just learn a language for self-fulfillment, then you know my preference. Nevertheless, you should definitely consider what language works best for what career. For example, I study international relations so French was the most ideal language for me since it is the language of diplomacy. Also, fun fact, French is the language of the mail services. However, if you are contemplating a career in social service or communication such as in education, then sign language would be the best option. I have not studied sign language but from what I’ve hear, it’s an amazing language to learn.

Still, learning a language is such a fulfilling experience. No matter which one you choose to learn, it broadens your perspective and gives you an advantage in life.

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1 Comment

  1. Frankly, neither is helpful at all. The fact is SPC only offers Spanish, French, or sign language. I have had two family members take two semesters of Spanish and cannot speak it.

    As for French, what is the relevance?? France is not a major power and other than someone who wishes to visit Paris, it holds no career value.

    SPC must start offering Arabic or Mandarin. The simply truth is the two most influential languages in the future of the United States will be a form of Arabic and Mandarin as those are the two areas that are relevant in our future.

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