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Choosing a major

Choosing a major

Is it common to switch your major many times? I can’t seem to pick just one.

Dear Lacy,

It is absolutely normal! I changed my major a few times, too. College is a time to explore your interests and decide on the career that will make you happy. Just make sure you are not taking classes that will not serve you or the advancement of the degree you wish to attain (Associate’s or Bachelor’s).

Also, keep in mind some majors take longer to complete than others due to all the prerequisites that exist for the actual major’s classes. For example, for majors in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), there are usually more prerequisite classes for these majors. Unless you want to be in school for a long time, then be cautious to complete these instead of exploratory courses.

If you continue to constantly switch your major, then I would recommend you speak with your academic adviser about degrees and courses, and to a career specialist about which degrees lead to what careers. Even if you have a career in mind, the degree you are considering might not be the best choice.

For example, if your ultimate goal is law school, then an undergraduate degree in pre-law is not entirely necessary. It will definitely help but you can still be a great lawyer and majored in English or Sociology.

Additionally, if you are like me and like to pursue an array of interests, consider double-majoring or choosing a minor. This can be an easy fix to relieving the desire to know about stuff outside of the required curriculum. I’m currently minoring in Latin American Studies and I love it. Still, do not forget that it is more important to learn about something that you are passionate about.

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