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Classes at Multiple Campuses

Classes at Multiple Campuses

Can students cross-register for classes at multiple campuses?

Dear Hunter,

It should be no surprise that SPC has 11 physical campuses located all throughout Pinellas County. Plus online classes, of course!

I received some expert advice to answer your question. I asked Patrick Booth from Enrollment Services for his input:

Yes, students can register for classes on different campuses during the same semester. It’s important that the student identifies where he/she is registering though and the amount of time it may take to get to the other campus. ┬áIf there is a 15 minute window between classes, but the classes are on different campuses, it would not be possible to make it there on time.

I can attest to this! One semester I had a 2 hour break between classes and thought I could squeeze one more class that I wanted to take. Unfortunately, the class was located at a different campus and with traffic I could not make it. It is always a good idea to play it safe and arrive on time. If it’s possible for you to make it to classes at different campuses on time, then definitely go for it. After all, punctuality is a good trait!

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