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Posted by on Nov 20, 2013 in Academics | 2 comments

Crazy Professors

Crazy Professors


What did you do if you had a professor that did not follow their own syllabus; going off topic a lot?

Dear Traci,

I have experienced this and it can be super annoying. A syllabus is a contract between the professor and the student. Like any other contract, it should be followed. Be aware that there are professors who will say at the beginning of the class that the syllabus is tentative and some things could be added. Still, if your professor is just adding homework and assignments like crazy then that is not appropriate. Especially if he/she is giving you tasks without much notice or time to complete them.

I wrote a post about what to do if you have a complaint and would like to file it.

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  1. I had the misfortune of having some really crazy professors during my first couple of semesters. A fellow student introduced me to Rate My Professors ( and it’s been a great resource. I look up all of the available teachers for a given choice and go with the one who has the best reviews.

    In some cases, a student may give an unwarranted bad review due to a personal grudge, didn’t get the grade they think they should have, etc, but look at the overall trends. If there are 15 reviews and 12 of them mentions things like ‘doesn’t follow syllabus, slow grading, doesn’t respond to questions, tests don’t cover material given’ then you know it’s probably a problem with the professor and not the student.

    Once I find a professor I really enjoy learning from, I try to take all of their classes.

    • Dear Cara,

      Thanks for your comment. I know about Rate My Professor and it can be a good starting point when deciding on a class and choosing a professor. Nevertheless, be aware of biased comments that might lead you off. I prefer to get advise from other students or even faculty members. I have had many professors in the past make recommendations to me about which classes I would enjoy because of the professor. Academic advisors can also be of great help, they are the gurus of everything that has to do with your class schedule, and they can help you chose your classes and your professors.


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