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Credits for Bachelor’s Degree

Credits for Bachelor’s Degree


How many credits do I need for a bachelor’s degree?

Dear Harry,

Commonly, it is known that for a Bachelor’s degree, 120 credits are required. To attain an Associate’s degree the requirement is 60 credits, about two years. An Associate’s degree is regarded as a midway point on the way to attain a Bachelor’s so of course you need the extra 60 credits, about two more years for the Bachelor’s. This is why most Bachelor’s degrees take 4 years. This amount of years and credits, of course, varies on the major, prerequisites that must completed, a double major or a minor, etc. Most classes are 3-4 credits each so, do the math, a normal student would take about 35-40 college classes to attain a Bachelor’s degree. If we break this down further, if you want to take about 4 years to attain this degree, then you would need to take around 10 classes a year or 35-40 credits.

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