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I am looking for a good elective to choose or a class to fill the rest of my full time student requirements. Do you know of any classes?

Dear David,

Great question! I’m huge fan of filling your schedule with the proper class to move your degree track forward, and at least one elective. Electives are the best thing ever! I’m so happy, as students, we are able to take electives to fulfill our studies. I have learned some of the most fascinating things in these courses.

Unfortunately, my time taking electives has passed. I took all of them at SPC and now my semester schedules are filled with classes for my major. So I’m taking this opportunity to choose some of the best electives which I think all students should take. So bear with me as I select Maria’s top 5 electives at SPC!

1. Computer Science –   CGS 1000 – Introduction to Computers and Programming

If you ever, like me, wondered how computers work and the magic behind these enchanted objects, then a computer science class is what you need. Coding is going to be the language of the future and programmers will be as essential as doctors or lawyers. As our lives become digitized more and more every day, we will need evolve and understand these systems beyond just knowing how to turn off and on. So be prepared and take a class on it.

2. Studio Art –   ART 1201C – Design I, ART 1300C – Drawing I, ART 1750C – Ceramics I, ART 2400C – Printmaking I, ART 2500C – Painting I

Before settling on my current major I was an art major. I took a bunch of art classes and believe me when I tell you that once you take a college level studio art class you will never see the world the same way again. Studio classes in particular are extremely beneficial. These classes will enhance your critical thinking skills, senses, time management skills, and your whole world view. You will walk out of the classroom and start noticing every little detail. Your appreciation for color and space will change, too. I did not choose one class in particular for I think it depends on your personality and which medium you might want to pursue. And just in case you were wondering, yes, aside from Ceramics, I took all the art classes listed above while at SPC.

3. Astronomy – AST 1002 –   Universe:  The Infinite Frontier 

I am not a scientist but I find all think outer space to be incredibly interesting. There is so much we do not know about what is out there. It is a real adventure. This course could be a great opportunity to learn about our universe. Also, prepare to feel insignificant when you discover the magnitude of the universe.

4. History – WOH 2040 – The Twentieth Century

I think someone famous once said that “if we don’t know our history, we are doomed to repeat it.” I truly believe in this statement and that is why whenever possible I try to catch up on history. Whether learning about world or American history, ancient or recent, the monarchs of Europe, or the amazing adventures of some famed historical figure, I love history because I love the fact that it happened and we can learn about it. I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea, but knowing history is like knowing every pun. Also, if you know some historical context on things everything in your other classes will start to make sense.

5. Writing – CRW 2001 – Creative Writing

There is nothing more important in the world we live in today than to be able to express ourselves in writing. I would even argue it goes beyond any other skill. If you are able to write down your thoughts then you can do anything. Unfortunately, it is a skill that, according to some of my professors, we are starting to lose. This is why I recommend taking a creative writing class as an elective. You will get the chance to express yourself in different ways, expand your vocabulary, and become eloquent in writing.

Hope this post helps your when deciding on your elective!

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