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Entering the Workforce

Entering the Workforce


What is life like after graduation, and how hard is it to enter the workforce?

Dear Landen,

The thought of life after graduation is constantly present in the mind of college students. There are many degrees and certificates at SPC, aside from the traditional Associate of Arts (AA), that are focused in allowing students to go into the workforce right after graduating. These are usually technical Certificates and Associate of Science (AS) degrees that are more hands on in a way and offer precise courses for the career. Rather than following the more traditional AA degree in which you would receive a liberal education. SPC also offers Bachelor’s degrees in an array of fields.

In regards to entering the workforce, that’s why we have the career services. The Career Services offices will help you enter the workforce. They have workshop and career fairs where possible employers are present and even before graduating you can start to make connections.

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