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Finding campus clubs

Finding campus clubs


“How do I find out about clubs specific to my campus? Every campus seems to have different clubs.”

If you have been attending SPC for at least a semester and have had the opportunity to take classes at different campuses, then you know that each campus has its own flavor.

It is true, every campus has its own clubs and organizations. We are one college, happily divided into 10 amazing campuses and centers. It is important to know that campuses also have the same clubs but house a different chapter. This is the case for Student Government Association (SGA), Phi Theta Kappa, MAX, Student Veterans Association, etc. Almost every campus has its own SGA E-board and PTK chapter.

The best way to know about the clubs that are active on your specific campus is to go to that campus’ office of Student Life & Leadership (SL&L). They usually have an updated list of the active clubs and organizations, their meeting times and the contact info for their advisor. Furthermore, you can ask any SGA member. It is the SGA’s duty to know about the clubs and organizations, because the SGA funds some of their activities.

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