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Free Money!

Free Money!


How does scholarship money get credited to you?

Dear Cara,

I had to ask for some help on this one. I understand that money is credited to a student’s account a couple of ways.

Lee Ann Wolfenden from Financial Assistance Services shared her expertise:

Free money is best! It’s out there – you just have to spend the time researching and applying. Applications are everywhere – be on the lookout at all times! One place to start is the college’s website at Scholarship funds could come from the SPC Foundation, from the college itself or from a private donor.  Scholarship funds could be need-based (based on the results of the FAFSA) or merit-based (based on grades or participation).  No matter where the funds come from or how they are calculated, they are disbursed to a student’s account once they are received and eligibility is determined.  The donor decides if any funds in excess of tuition and fees are able to be refunded to the student.

Hope this helps!


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P.S. The featured picture above is of SPC students receiving the Dr. Johnnie Ruth Clarke institutional scholarship.


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