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Posted by on May 3, 2015 in Student Life | 0 comments

Future = motivation

Future = motivation

Motivation to go to class?

Hello Pat,

It’s ironic how you ask this question toward the end of the semester! That’s funny because pretty much everyone is looking for as much motivation as they can to finish out this spring semester.

During any point in any semester it can be tough to find motivation to go to class or do homework. I find myself always slowing down toward the end of the semester. I always want to sleep in and not go to my eight o’clock class or watch movies instead of doing homework. I just remind myself that I have big future plans. All of the hard work that we’re doing now is to help us reach our big goals that we have planned for ourselves in the future. At the end of the journey, we get the degree in something that we love.

If you need short term motivation, treat yourself. When you finish that big term paper or make it through class after a long week, go shopping or relax at the beach. Rewarding yourself will give you something to look forward to. You can do it!

Good Luck and stay focused!









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