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Get Involved

Get Involved

Most of my classes are online (my program dictates that). How do I stay involved with my local campus?

Dear James,

If your program is mostly online then one of the best ways to stay in contact with the campus environment would be to do your work while on campus if possible. Go to the library or on the quad with your laptop. If you are looking for an immerse experience then try to be on campus as much as you can. I have mentioned this before, I spent more time on campus than at my own home and that is how I was involved. I found many things to do, clubs to join, and events to attend.

Another way to stay involved would be to have a strong commitment to something like a club or organization. You can join as a member or, even better, as an officer. Having a commitment on campus will tie you to the campus and to the school. This is without mentioning the friendships you will make.

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