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Getting Back on Track

Getting Back on Track


If I feel like I’m getting behind in class and they are moving on to new things, what is the best way to play catch up?

Hello David,

Falling behind in class is never a good thing. It can be very scary and stressful. I’ve definitely been in your place before. I’m so involved in Student Government and other outside activities that all my focus goes to that and I let myself fall behind in my classes. But staying on top of your work and passing classes is the most important. There are many ways to help you stay on top of your work as well as help you get back on track in case you fall behind in classwork.

Right now, if you feel you are behind, check and see on your syllabus if your instructor has office hours. If he or she does, call and make an appointment to see them to discuss the best option for you. An easy way to keep yourself from falling behind would be to keep a planner or notepad with all of your assignments and tests that are coming up written down. Another tip I can give you is to make a buddy in the class and you both can help each other stay on top of things.

I wish you the best!





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