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GMS and Coca Cola Scholars

GMS and Coca Cola Scholars


Hey Maria! I’m attending St. Petersburg Collegiate High School and I am interested in applying to the Gates Millennium Scholarship and the coca cola scholarship. Would I be eligible for it since I am earning my AA degree along with my high school diploma? And what are your advice on how you earned both scholarships. Thank you !


Great question! I wondered the same thing when I was applying to be a Gates Millennium Scholar (GMS) and a Coca Cola Scholar. As long as the credits you attained from college were taken as a high school student then there is no problem, it does not matter if you complete your AA degree either. I asked one of the GMS ambassadors and they informed me that these credits are counted as AP or IB classes and do not affect your eligibility for the scholarships, especially with Gates which only high school juniors and seniors are eligible to apply. With the Coca Cola Scholars and the other Phi Theta Kappa scholarships, these are specifically aimed for community college students who have to meet a determined college GPA and have completed a certain number of college credits. Make sure you read the directions carefully and if you meet the requirements, please apply!

I am still pinching myself that I was blessed with these amazing scholarships.  As a high school student, you understand that it is a lot of work, not only in academics but also outside of classroom with extra-curricular activities, and important community service projects. My main advice is to start early and do your research so that you have all the material submitted on time. When you start the scholarship application process you will find that aside from the actual application, letters of recommendations and filling the extracurricular activities section, there are a lot of essays to write. My advice to any applicant is to take your time on the essays. The evaluating team and essay readers will have the opportunity to get a picture of you through these essays so be sincere and proud to share your story. Make sure you read them a couple of times and have someone look at them for feedback. At the end, I do not think there is a precise formula for having the perfect application. As long as you put effort and take your time, your dedication will show through and you will stand out as an applicant.


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