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Can an online student earning a certificate attend graduation ceremonies?

Dear Tracy,

Yes, online students earning a certificate can attend graduation! And please do so!

SPC holds a ceremony after the end of each semester in December, May and July. The times and location vary. (Check the graduation website for specific details.)

All SPC students attaining a diploma or certificate are encouraged but not required to participate in the ceremony. I, personally, very much encourage you to participate! I have had the opportunity to attend more than 5 SPC graduation ceremonies.

In some I was selling roses as PTK scholarship fundraisers, in another I was behind the scenes arranging programs, and, of course, in one I was actually graduating. It is an amazing experience that you will treasure forever.

After all, if you took all the classes and fulfilled all the requirements, at the end you deserve to walk across the stage while your name is being said on the speaker, receive your diploma holder, shake the trustees’ and Dr. Law’s hands and have a simple ‘yay me’ moment!

It is an accomplishment, so enjoy it!

Some other reasons why graduating students need to attend graduation:

  1. You can’t deny the perfect opportunity to wear the SPC-blue cap and gown. It is beautiful color!
  2. You’ll be surrounded with people who have endured the same things as you.
  3. Seeing some of your professors wearing their own graduation regalia is just inspiring.
  4. You’ll see the baton of academic power.
  5. It is a milestone; another finish line crossed in the long road of life, might as well dress up for it!
  6. You can tell your grandchildren about it.

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