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Hello from Marilyn

Hello from Marilyn

Hello my fellow SPC students. My name is Marilyn and I’ll be assisting Maria with answering questions on this blog.

Currently I’m studying in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration under the marketing sub-plan. Also I’m interning with SPC’s Marketing and Strategic Communications department. Not to mention I’m working full-time. WOW, can you say student life overload!

So as you can see my schedule is a balancing act and I’m pretty sure yours is too. My journey at SPC is no different from anyone else with trying to figure out what career path to take. I’ve changed my major several times and within the last year I’ve decided Business Marketing is the way to go. What really helped me to narrow down my major was by looking at my personal strengths as a student and seeing how I could apply them professionally and enjoy it. Also, networking with fellow students and faculty  about their career paths gave me helpful insight about different industries. One of the wonderful things about SPC is they offer a great support system to accommodate just about everyone’s needs to make sure you’re successful.

In my free time, I enjoy all things beauty-industry related, spending time with my family and catching up on my favorite TV shows. It was great talking with you and I look forward to connecting soon. If you have any questions, I would be happy to help you along your SPC journey.

Best of Luck,



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  1. Marilyn, I think it is great that you are able to balance your busy schedule. Life is a longtime balancing act and with a little bit of planning, you would be that much closer to your goals. Keep up the good work!

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