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Posted by on Jul 1, 2014 in Student Life | 4 comments

Internship at Ecuadorian Embassy

Internship at Ecuadorian Embassy

For a college student, summer time should not be wasted. As I have mentioned before, whether taking summer classes, getting a summer job, a second job, or most ideally, an internship, a college student should constantly look at opportunities to continue his/her education and to make the most of their college experience. Internships are very important for this endeavor and for furthering one’s career goals. After all, getting a job with no previous experience is rather difficult.

This summer I will be interning in the Ambassador’s Office at the Ecuadorian Embassy in Washington, D.C. I came upon this opportunity in a peculiar way. I follow the ambassador and her office through Twitter and one day I tweeted to her office regarding possible internships opportunities. She responded back with the contact information to apply. I sent all my information: resume, letter of recommendation, transcript information, and even a writing sample, and a week later got a call to come in for an interview. Through this experience I learned to never underestimate social media ever again and that opportunities can come in all formats. Nevertheless, internships can also be found and attained in more traditional ways: fliers in a bulletin board, career events at the college, by recommendation of professors, by looking at an office, person or company’s website, or even by knowing someone.

Keep in mind that it is always good to apply to every option possible. Don’t just apply to the internship you want. Apply to many and all that spark your interest. Also, internships are kind of like school in many ways. They involve lots of hard work and even some sacrifice. Just because you’re the intern doesn’t mean you can slack off. On the contrary, because you are the intern you must work harder to start developing your career.

In my internship, I do all kinds of jobs. I work directly at the Ambassador’s Office so I get to see what’s going on at all the other offices in the embassy. I make copies, distribute mail, organize the office, answer emails and calls, welcome visitors and learn about diplomatic protocol. I’ve also had the privilege to interact with diplomats, other embassies, other federal offices such as the State Department and even the White House. In other words, it’s hard work but the compensation is well worth it.  At the end, remember you are just starting off and there is lots more to come for you and your career both in college and in the workforce.

If you have any questions regarding college, student life or anything else in between, feel free to send me your questions!

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  1. Hello,

    I would like to know which website or address you used to apply for the internship?

  2. Hi! So nice to read this. How long ago was this? I’d like to try as well but haven’t found the way. Could you suggest something?

  3. Hi, I am also looking to intern at an embassy this summer. I am majoring in Spanish and International Studies and I was wondering if you could send me the contact information to apply to the Ecuadorian Embassy. By the content of your blog, this seems like something that I would really enjoy and could learn a lot from.

  4. Hello!

    Thanks so much for all the comments. Since they mostly ask about how I attained this internship last summer, I thought it would be better to answer them in one post. I began looking for internships in DC early in the spring semester. I learned about this internship by Tweeting to the Ambassador of Ecuador to the United States, Nathalie Cely, and asked if the Embassy had an internship program. Surprisingly, she responded my tweet and told me to call the Embassy and ask about the summer internship program and leave my information. Soon after I got an electronic application, I filled it out and sent it with the required documents such as letters of recommendations and proof that I was a full-time college student. I got called to be interviewed and about a week later got the news that I got the internship to be at the Ambassador’s Office. I’m sharing all this so that you can see that there are many ways to apply to things and establish connections. The best way I have found is by looking at their website and giving the embassy or organization you would like to intern for a call to ask about internship opportunities and programs. It’s important to be creative when pursuing your dreams!


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