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Joining Clubs

Joining Clubs


What club(s) would you recommend on campus?

Dear Alfred,

There are many clubs on campus. You should also know that the clubs vary depending on what campus you are in.

I would recommend you start looking at the clubs offered on the campus you’ll spend the most time in. For example, if you know you’ll attend the Clearwater Campus for most of your time at SPC, then join clubs there. I had the opportunity to be part of many clubs and all of my experiences have been very enriching.

The Honors College is one of the best college programs you can join. More than a club, it is a program for students who wish to have a more enriching academic experience at SPC. The Honors College offers research opportunities for students and scholarships.

Also, definitely consider joining the Student Government Association, either the Executive Board or as a senator. Phi Theta Kappa is also a no-brainer. As the honors organization for two-year colleges, with the right GPA, all students are exposed to countless opportunities and scholarships.

Most importantly, look for the clubs that focus on your major or career. If you are a nursing major and there is a Nursing Student Association, then join!

Clubs are essential to the college experience and are a part of having a great student life.

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