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Math Can be Conquered

Math Can be Conquered


I’m really struggling with Math as an “adult” college student, I’m in lower level classes right now and really starting to worry about future math courses… “Will I be able to pass them?” is my first thought. Do you have any tips or advice on how to pass classes that seem impossible?

Dear Lauren,

Nelson Mandela once said that “it always seems impossible until it’s done.” It might look incredibly scary at first but is not that difficult, believe me.  I also started in lower level math classes and found them very difficult, and didn’t really know how exactly I could go on. First of all, from experience, I can tell you that math classes in particular actually get easier. Once you start getting in the rhythm of things, you’ll make connection and see how a formula that you’ve learned is applicable to this new problem, or how some rules stay the same in math no matter the level of the equation.

To answer your question, with great dedication, you will pass the class. Make sure you put as much effort as you can in them. Dedicate enough time for homework and find ways to constantly review the material. Take advantage of the free tutoring in the Learning Support Centers. Familiarity is key when it comes to math. You’ll never forget it if you keep practicing. I also recommend that you continue to take the math classes until the very end, without taking a semester off.

As a college student, you will find some classes are most difficult than other, whether the difficulty of the material or the amount of work. Nevertheless, remember Mandela’s quote and know that at the end it will be worth it an you will feel proud of your accomplishments.

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