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MyCourses Training Information

MyCourses Training Information


There is this new system “MyCourses.” Does one go do the introduction at a specific location or can one do it at the comfort of his/her own home?

Hello Norbert,

My name is Destinee Bullard and I will be assisting Maria with answering some questions on her blog. I am a second year student at St. Petersburg College. I am currently planning to major in Public Relations at either the University of Florida, Florida State University or University of Central Florida. I also work as an intern in the Marketing and Communications Department here at St. Petersburg College.

I understand that there has been a lot of confusion involving our new system, MyCourses. Since I started my academic career here at St. Petersburg College, I have always used Angel. The email portion of MyCourses is very different from the one some are used to seeing in Angel. When courses first started, I had to email my online instructor and I had the time of my life trying to find out how to email him! Come to find out, I have to go under the tab entitled “Communication” to see the listings of my teachers I can email. I learned that trick from an online tutorial.

To answer your question, no, you do not have to leave the comfort of your own home to learn all about MyCourses. You can simply log onto your MyCourses account and watch some very helpful tutorials on how to successfully access everything you need on the new system. You can also always call our Help Desk for any specific questions that you may have.

I hope this was helpful!




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