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Posted by on Nov 25, 2013 in Student Life | 0 comments

New on Campus?

New on Campus?

When I become a student, where can I find information on events and activities? I’m currently enrolled to start January of 2014.

Dear Andrew,

First of all, Welcome to SPC! And, I’m glad you are already wondering about how to make your college experience better.

It is super easy to get involved on campus and participate in the many events and activities. I suggest you start by talking to other students. Ask them of some events they know about. If you are on campus often then you will most likely see or hear a quad event going on. The quad events are well advertised on campus with flyers and signs so keep a look out for them. Regarding other activities such as workshops or cultural events, I checked the event calendar on the SPC website. Most of the school’s events are posted there.

Also, I must mention SPC’s social media resources. There is Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other cool sites such as this one and other blogs. Make sure you favorite these on your computer since they will keep you updated on all things SPC.

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