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Opportunities for High School Students

Opportunities for High School Students


I’m high school student. Can I take classes at SPC? Can I apply for financial aid?

Dear Hasan,

SPC offers multiple programs for High School students to attain college and high school credit simultaneously, and it is free. To see if you are eligible you can check the Dual-Enrollment/ Early College website.

The programs available are:DSC_7932-M

Dual Enrollment: This is the program I was in. If you are home-schooled or in a private high school you can apply to be a dually-enrolled student as early as a sophomore if you past the test. The Dual-Enrollment program does not guarantee an AA degree, but it is possible to achieve. Being dually enrolled still allows you to attend your high school and attend SPC part time. To participate in this program you must meet certain requirements. Another note would be that if you are in a private home-education school or a private school then textbooks and other class materials are not free.

Early College: Early College is another program that gives high school students the opportunity to attend college full-time the last two years of high school, junior and senior year. There is an application process and deadline but the textbooks are covered.

St. Petersburg Collegiate High School: This program is a high school within the college. I have some friends in this program and who have successfully graduated and attained their high school diploma and AA degree. I know students enter from their sophomore year and take regular high school classes at the Collegiate High School currently located at the second floor of the SS Building in the St. Pete/ Gibbs campus. For junior and senior year, the students take college classes which will go toward the AA degree.

These programs are free if you qualify and classes can be taken in the various SPC campuses. So, to answer the second part of your question, you would not need financial aid. If you do not qualify for the free textbooks and the cost of them are a worry to you, there are some scholarships you can apply for such as Pinellas County School’s scholarships. Make sure you look at the Scholarship Opportunities link which is updated regularly.

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