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Picking Degrees and Prerequisites

Picking Degrees and Prerequisites

How can I get help picking my degree and knowing what classes to take as prerequisites at SPC?

Dear Kelsey,

If you need help picking your degree then start looking at what career you might want to have. Think of what you want to do based on what you are passionate about and what makes you happy. The Career Services Offices are here to help you so give them a visit. They will help you look at possible careers that will meet your needs and expectations.

Once you have a career or major in mind then you can start picking your degree. Here is where the Academic Advising comes in. The academic advisors will be the amazing people, who will lead you to the right direction in terms of knowing which prerequisites to take for your major, when to take them and what other classes to take that are necessary for your degree. Whether you are considering an AA degree, AS degree, or a Certificate, the academic advisors are the all-knowing resource when you are thinking about what classes to take.

You might also want to start considering which university, if any, you want to transfer to. Different universities have different prerequisites for the exact major. Make sure you are calling them or looking at their website and finding out what it takes to get into their program. The ultimate goal is to get into the program with zero prerequisites to take. You want to fulfill these prerequisites at SPC while completing your degree.

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