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Preparing for Classes

Preparing for Classes

As a student who likes to prep in reading for classes to come, what would you say is the easiest way to research books for incoming classes?? I’m registered in classes and I know my specific subject, but which books cover which specific course? Plz and Thanks

Dear Natalia,

I love your question because this is something I do before every semester starts!

The first thing I do is look at what textbooks are required for the class. You can do this by looking at the “Textbook/Other Materials” section when browsing for classes at MySPC or by going to the SPC Barnes & Noble website and entering the course information. It will generate a list with all the textbooks and materials you need for each class you are taking.

Even if you acquire your textbooks and materials through other means, it’s very important to gather the specifics from the official sources. You do not want to show up to class with the wrong edition or something. I also advise students not to buy books before the professor has clearly greenlighted that the textbook will be used for class. I’ve had so many professors just say: “Don’t buy the book because we won’t be using it.” You can always send a quick email to the professor to ask to make sure.

Once you have the information on the books, you can do a generic internet search and see what other books come up or see if you can access the table of contents because this will tell you what specific topics are covered in the book and thus the class itself.

If you want to really prep for a class, you can always do some research. Whenever I start an academic research project whether for class assignment or out of sheer curiosity, then I start in the library. You can go to your home campus library or start at SPC’s online library. The search tab will show up and you can look for any books or academic articles, limit your search and even request the physical copy. With the information you gathered from the class description and textbook information, you can do an advance search and find books for a specific course.

All the best!

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