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Questions & T-shirts

Questions & T-shirts

Graduate Maria Thurber can answer your questions about St. Petersburg College.

Want to know if you need a parking permit? Is tutoring really worth it? What about clubs at a particular campus and information about scholarship opportunities? Maria can tell you.

Maria was once where you are now or where you want to be, if you’re thinking about attending SPC. Take advantage of everything she learned while she was at the college before she graduated as a Gates Millennium Scholar, one of only 1,000 students chosen nationwide each year for the honor.

And, by asking your question, you can help spread the word about this resource. (Plus help others who may have been wondering the same thing.)

* The fine print

Fill in some information about yourself and answer a few questions SPC has for you. In exchange, the college will mail you a free #AskMaria T-shirt. You can submit as many questions as you want but only one T-shirt per person.

If T-shirts aren’t your thing but you still have a question for Maria, no problem. You can ask a question anonymously.

Select questions will be featured by Maria in her posts on the blog.



  1. Thank you for your help!

  2. Hey everyone!
    Thank you all for submitting your questions. I’ve received many questions sent as comments, particularly on this post. Please know that in order to receive a T-shirt, you must fill out the Ask Maria survey form and submit your question via the little window provided. The survey can be found at this link: You can ask anonymously or enter your info, provide an address and a T-shirt will be mailed to you in the next couple of weeks.
    Thanks again for submitting!

  3. How do i join a club?

    • Hi Tichina!

      There are many ways you can join a club. You can attend quad events, look at the bulletin boards all over campus advertising clubs and their meeting times, or you can ask in your home campus’ office of Student Life for a list of active clubs and see which one sparks your interest. I have written a couple of posts on this topic. I have written one that focuses on how to find out about clubs titled Connecting with Clubs, which you can find at this link: I also wrote a post where I make recommendation of clubs and organizations titled Joining Clubs, which you can find here:

      Lots of luck during this new semester!


  4. How do we stop FAFSA from going to SPC now that my daughter has graduated & transfer it to FAU’S spring semester which starts next week?

    • Hi Kathy!

      Thanks so much for your question. Since it’s a bit complicated here’s the answer from an expert from SPC’s financial aid office.

      Ms. Radl,
      Thank you for asking such a great question!
      If you are transferring from one school to another and need to make sure the new school is listed, please contact the federal processor at 800-433-3243 to add the new school. You will need the Data Release Number (DRN) provided on your Student Aid Report. You do not need to worry about removing the current school from the FAFSA.

  5. What is SPC’s music program like ??

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