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I have very limited time to be on campus, but I want to be involved as well… what was the most fun or rewarding thing that you were a part of at SPC?

Dear Alexis,

One of the easiest ways to create a bond with your school is to get involved on campus outside of the typical academic responsibilities. I’m so glad you wish to establish this connection by getting involved. It is truly a lot of fun!


When it comes to clubs I was part of while at SPC, I have to say there was nothing more rewarding than Student Government. If you are not familiar with SGA, this student organization voices the interests and concerns of the students in campus to the college’s administration and college leaders.

SGA also takes the students’ concerns to the state legislators, through the annual Rally in Tally trip sponsored by FCSSGA, or the annual SPC in Tallahassee trip with Dr. Law.

SGA is composed of an E-board: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc. With a budget composed from the student activities fees, SGA creates and promotes events on campus, and allocates funds to specific causes such as hiring more tutors for the Learning Support Centers, funding workshops, or even funding other clubs and organizations to attend conferences.


I loved every second of my time with SGA. We did a lot of traveling to leadership conferences and met lots of new people. This is perhaps the rewarding part. Even though we gave a lot, we also got a lot in return.

In the conferences’ workshops and through our regular duties, we attained leadership, time management, public speaking, and networking skills. All of these skills are what make up a successful student and professional.


Most importantly, in SGA I was given the opportunity to see what it is like to become a part of something more meaningful. We advocated for the needs of our fellow students. To see when we all worked on a specific issue and got it solved. This is one of the best feelings in the world!

SGA is not the easiest organization to be a part of; it is a lot of work, and many hours spent in meetings. I honestly remember spending more time in meetings than anything else.


Still, I would encourage you to look at SGA. If being an office might not be your cup of tea, then look at maybe becoming a Senator. You still get voting rights and will get the chance to attend certain conferences.

Even though we argued a lot, my E-board maintained a strong commitment to helping the students, which of course only helped us better serve the student body.

We were very much like a family, each an indispensable member of the team. I actually miss seeing them every day. We still keep in touch and thanks to social media, we talk regularly.

I understand that with work and a full class schedule it might be difficult to dedicate much time to extracurricular activities. My advice would be to start small. Find a club or organization you find interesting and volunteer in an event or attend a meeting. If you like it, then pursue it. Being involved on campus looks amazing on your resume!

At the end, it was worth it. Thanks to SGA, I attained many skills and experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today.


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