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SPC Class Environment

SPC Class Environment


How was environment in your classes? Was it fun, boring, or sociable?

Dear Geri,

Most of my classes at SPC were a lot of fun. I found the professors to be dedicated to giving the students a good time while they learned. Classes at SPC are small which creates an ideal learning environment. In particular, I completely enjoyed the small class sizes because the professor knew my name and I knew all my fellow classmates. Compared to a big state school, where classes are packed with students by the hundreds, the professors only come to class and lecture, and the students only get to know the TA (teacher assistant), classes at SPC in my opinion are ideal for an immersive learning experience.

If you are looking for a fun, personal, and sociable learning environment, then SPC is right for you. Also, I never felt estranged at SPC. There was always a professor I knew and always had a friend or classmate to say hi to while walking around campus. There are, of course, those classes that are just plain boring and make you sleepy. Nevertheless, most classes are not. I remember there was only one class that I took that I could honestly sleep my way through it, but if I did, then I wouldn’t have learned anything.

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