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SPC recycles!

SPC recycles!

Is there recycling at the SPC College campuses? Can I drop off aluminum cans and newspapers? What about plastic bottles? (my girlfriend goes through a lot of the water kind) If so, where?

Dear Nick,

Recycling is awesome, and I’m so glad you are interested in taking a part and doing what you can to become a more environmentally friendly society. 1798585_3997167905226_1822883860_n

When you walk around campus, you might have noticed the blue, paper-only, recycling trash cans. These are all over the campuses. I know SPC’s color is blue, but we are a really green college. In addition to the paper-only blue recycling cans (which you can find in every classroom), you’ll also find recycling cans all over the campuses that are labeled specifically for plastic (water bottles :)), aluminum, glass and paper of course.

Hope this information is useful to you, and please continue recycling!

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