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SPJC or SPC? & Florida’s weather?

SPJC or SPC? & Florida’s weather?

Do you refer to St. Petersburg College as SPJC or SPC? Is Florida hot?

Dear Calvin,

To answer your first question and share a bit of SPC’s history with information I found in the college’s youtube channel: In June 2001, SPJC officially became St. Petersburg College (SPC) when Florida’s governor signed legislation making it the first community college in Florida to offer four-year degrees. On Dec. 11, 2001, the college received the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools’ accreditation to offer courses leading to bachelor’s degrees. Personally, I prefer SPC because it is what I have always known and because it is big and diverse college that offers many programs of study.

Regarding your second question, yes, Florida is really hot. I know this winter has been rough, just like anywhere in the rest of the country, nevertheless whenever I get asked this question I always say that Florida has two seasons, hot and hotter. Now that I’m enduring the cold DC winter, I really understand this saying. Please enjoy the beautiful Florida weather for me!

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