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Study Abroad & Scholarships

Study Abroad & Scholarships


“I really want to study abroad but it’s kind of expensive. Does the college have financial aid options for studying abroad?”

Studying abroad is one of the best choices any student can make. It is absolutely amazing! And yes, there are many scholarships especially dedicated for Study Abroad at SPC.

Here is the main link to scholarships for Study Abroad. Additionally, when you fill the application for Foundation scholarships (due Nov. 1!), there is a box you can check to be considered for study abroad scholarships.

The Honors College also has many scholarships dedicated for study abroad. These are quite generous, so make sure you join the Honors College and apply to those.

Last but not least, be on the lookout for the Center for International Programs Study Abroad Fairs. They happen every year in the spring and are the best way to find out more about the programs and the scholarships available. They also give out fee waivers for the initial application!

You might also want to speak to Anna Faiola, the official Study Abroad representative so give her a call at 727-712-5883 or email at

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