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Studying do’s

Studying do’s

“Hi, Maria! I am married, have an active 3-year-old and take 2 online classes a semester. Do you have any tips on the most efficient way to study? Do you have a particular time of the day that’s best for you and a certain location?”

Dear Courtney,

Thanks for your question! I have to say that I thought a long time on this one.

Every student is different when it comes to study habits. Some students like to study with music on. Others cannot tolerate any noise at all. For me in particular, I am a night owl and love to study and do my homework before I go to bed. I always dedicate about two hours for schoolwork before I sleep. Even if I’m at the library or my bedroom, I like to study at the end of the day, when I know that I have nothing left to do but solely dedicate my brain to learning.

When it comes to efficiency, I would recommend reading the directions and the material as many times as you can, and never be afraid to ask your professor questions if something is not clear. Many misunderstandings can be avoided if the directions are clear, so always ask. I learned this the hard way.

Of course, one’s schedule also makes a huge difference. I have to say, kudos to you! What you are doing is simply inspiring! Time management is definitely the best way to go. Even if it is only little bit of time in the day, consistency is the key when it comes to studying!

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