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Posted by on Jan 30, 2014 in Need to Know | 1 comment

The Challenge of a Good Schedule

The Challenge of a Good Schedule



What the biggest challenge you encountered during college and how did you overcome it?

Dear Ashley,

There are many challenges I have faced during college. Aside from the common academic challenges like trying to do my best in classes by dedicating a little more extra time and attending tutoring at the learning support center or the writing studio, perhaps the biggest challenges were to get my classes to fit in my schedule. I know this is not exactly the hardest thing to achieve. Nevertheless, I was very involved while at SPC and having the perfect schedule was extremely important to me. More than a challenge, it was an important goal that I needed to accomplish. To overcome this challenge, I started planning early, checking the Rate My Professor website for recommendations, and asking students, my academic advisor, as well as faculty for advice. Even now, as soon as registration opens, I am the first one registering.

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1 Comment

  1. Maria,
    As you mentioned shedules as being a challenge, it made me think about the student MLP MyLearning Plan. If they have their plan set up from the beginning then it makes it easier to find the right class that will fit their schedule. Advisors will look it over when they complete it to make sure they aren’t leaving out an important course for graduation and the pre-req’s for moving to a Bachelors degree.

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