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Tips for Test Anxiety

Tips for Test Anxiety

How to deal with test anxiety,when taking test with not enough time?

Dear Tina,

I try to study with enough time in advance to avoid this anxiety. Still, life happens sometimes and you might just have to cram as much as you can before a test. Like any other kind of anxiety remember that, at the end of the day, it’s just a test. By putting things in perspective, I promise you will start to feel better!

A cool trick that someone with Learning Resources once taught me is to write down your fears on a little piece of paper before a test. Such as: anxiety, lack of study, confusion, misunderstanding, just list them out. Then take the piece of paper, tear it up or roll it up and throw it away. It helps with your confidence.

A more practical trick is to study out loud. Whenever I’m about to take test and have just enough time to go over things again, I like to study out loud. Whether reciting definitions of terms or repeating math formulas, if you say it enough times, you will remember it! This is a trick that has worked for me many times.

Ultimately, remember that the best remedy for test anxiety is studying (a lot) in advance. There is not a better feeling in the world than looking at a question on your test and knowing the answer.

Hope this helps!


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