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Transferring 101

Transferring 101

What do you think is the best place to transfer to after SPC?

Dear Sarah,

The best university to transfer to, once you have completed your course of study at SPC, is the one that will accept most if not all of your credits, and help you complete the degree you are seeking.

There are many questions a transfer student must answer when searching for the university that will be the best fit.

  • Are you considering going out-of-state or staying in-state?
  • Do you want to go to a big state school or a small private college/ university?
  • Where do you want the campus to be located: in a small town or in a big metropolitan city?
  • Do you want to be near the beach?
  • If you decide to go to school up north, like me, will the weather be an issue?
  • What’s your dream class size: 20-40 or 40-100 students?
  • Will the cost of tuition affect your decision?
  • Are you planning to live on-campus or commute to school every day?
  • Do you want to attend a university that has a football team?

Some of these sound absurd, I know. But believe me; these factors make all the difference in the world for a college student. Like one of my mentors would always tell me: “It’s the little things that matter.”

Also, instead of looking at the school’s name or history, I suggest you put more emphasis on your major’s program/department and how strong does it compare against other universities’ similar programs. Look at the statistics.

What is the retention and completion rates for students in your major in any particular university. Look at the possibilities to double-major or minor, if this is something you might be considering. If study abroad is something you are thinking then look at the study abroad opportunities.

Equally as important is the campus’  atmosphere and how it matches your personality. If you, like me, did not have the opportunity to tour the campuses, then the universities’ websites need to become your new best friends. By going in and  reading around, you will get the overall message of the institution’s mission and what they want for their students.

Another important note is to never limit yourself to applying to an institution based on the amount of financial aid you think you might receive. This can go either way. Many students transfer to universities because they gave them the most amount of money and might end up not liking the program.

Similarly, other transfer students are afraid to apply because they believe they will not receive the financial aid they need. These are really bad habits that often misguide transfer student to consider universities for the wrong reasons. Your first priority should be the quality of education you will receive and then worry about everything else.

Overall, my main point is to never limit yourself when considering universities, and at the same time make an educated decision.

There is no ‘best’ university after SPC. I would even argue that SPC is the best. Just look for what will make you happy as a student. At the end, what is most important is choosing the university that is right for you. I cannot stress this enough.


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