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Posted by on Mar 30, 2015 in Academics | 0 comments

Tutoring Help

Tutoring Help

Is tutoring really worth it ?

Hi Keondrea,

Absolutely, tutoring is worth it. Any areas that you’re having issues with the learning centers are able to help you. Best of all it is FREE! As a student, I took advantage of tutoring support for plenty of my classes especially in math. I was having a hard time understanding some of the concepts in statistics and the tutoring helped me out a lot.

It’s a relaxed environment and the tutors are all there to help, so it makes the experience more personable. You can go to a learning center on any campus and you don’t need an appointment so it’s really easy to find help. They are also open on nights and weekends!

Maria also shared in a previous post her personal experience with the learning centers. That may be helpful as well to review.

Best of Luck,




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