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Why SPC is so awesome

Why SPC is so awesome

How does SPC prepare you for a career in ways other schools don’t?

Dear Marsha,

I think it has to do with the emphasis SPC puts on its students. Many aspects of the college revolve around the students’ needs. There is a real motivation for students to succeed.

The college’s leadership works really hard to discover and put in practice the best ways to help all SPC students have a successful college experience.

Here are some reasons why SPC prepares you in ways that other schools don’t:

There are opportunities available: SPC gives its students the best learning experiences by providing opportunities to expand their perspectives outside of the classroom. There are so many opportunities and for all kinds of majors and careers to travel abroad, attend workshops, go on field trips, travel to conferences, and participate in internships and attain real-world experiences. All students have access to these endless and diverse and opportunities.

Failure is not an option: When I say that there are tools available to you and you just need to use them, I speak the truth. There are all kinds of resources to help students inside and outside of the classroom, and everywhere in between. SPC makes it comfortable and easy for students to get help. If you are having trouble academically in a class, then go to a free tutor. They are there to help you. If you are in need of some counseling, whether career, personal, or academic, the experts and advisors are there at your disposal. All you need is your SPC student ID.

10 campuses, small community: Even with more than 32,000 students enrolled, SPC remains to have a small community feel that student appreciate. Walking around campus and having people wave and say hi to you is the nicest feeling ever.

A well-oiled machine: The atmosphere of motivation that I’m talking about comes from the people who work at SPC. Somehow SPC has achieved what many colleges struggle to acquire, a unity in mission. Everyone at SPC, the President, Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors, Academic Chairs, Faculty, and the wonderful Staff, have synced together to fortified SPC’s mission. They all work together and get the best results.

These are all the points that make SPC an amazing school that prepares you for a career and help you succeed and achieve things you never thought possible. I am beyond grateful and proud to be an alumna of SPC.

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